Big Rick Ewanio - Security (if he's got nothing better to do)

Big Rick has been Scotty’s side-kick and one of his best friends for years. He’s been security and roadie in every band that he’s ever been in starting with Agent 86, then Core, Gearhead, 80’s Proof , Hairbanger’s Ball and now also with Sunset Strip! Make no mistake, Big Rick is approachable and cuddly, but just don’t make him mad. He’ll tell you “No” once, but never twice. We recommend that you listen to him the first time :) 
Besides being best known as the muscle for all Scotty’s former bands, he is also known for a few other things.
  • His masterful skill at driving Scotty all over the Midwest. He’s somehow hit an otter not once, but twice with Scotty’s car in southern Indiana, two years apart…
  • He ate an XL Burrito from Taco Bell in 2 bites
  • He can fall asleep in virtually any position. So far we’ve witnessed standing, sitting, hunched over and even upside-down!

Chelsee Lewis - Sound & Road Warrior

Chelsee started running sound for us around mid-2014. You can find her at the FOH console or the bar drinking her signature Rumplemintz on the rocks. She's been tweeking knobs for a long time... or so we're told :) She's been a great addition to the band's crew whenever we run our own sound.

Austin O'Rourke - Road Warrior

picture coming soon Austin is one of our newest member of the road crew. He's been a welcomed addition and gets the job done right the first time! You can catch him hanging around during the shows. He likes to party with the best of 'em so watch out!

Danny Castle - Road Warrior

picture coming soon Danny, along with Austin, is part of the dynamic duo that gets the show up and running and then tears it all down at every show. He likes walks on the beach, cowboy boots, his "moustache" (which we beg him to shave off weekly), kicking ass and taking names!