Gut wrenching vocals smooth as silk and guitar solos that could heal a broken heart formed an integral part of power ballads and acoustic rock ballads in the 80’s. SUNSET STRIPPED is the stripped down acoustic experience of the top-drawing, ass-kicking, full band. Lead Vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist, Scotty Von Blazin, Lead Guitarist, Fret Michaels and Vocalist/Keyboardist, Jill Jett have put together a great set of all your favorite mega-hit acoustic rock, rock ballads and power ballads from all the big-name hairbands! In an era when torn jeans, spandex and long haired rockers ruled. Lyrics about love, heartache, anger and guilty pleasures ruled supreme in ballads. Rock ballads became popular in the 80s and 90s because of the lyrical stories interpreted through the heart. In addition to all the smashes, thrashes and hits you know and love, they’ve thrown in a couple tasty deeper tracks from some of their favorite bands too. There’s a little bit of something for everyone. Check our "Tour Date" page to see when and where you can catch them!