Scotty Von Blazin

Scotty Von Blazin joined Sunset Strip in January of 2014. He lives his life by three rules... Partying and two other ones we can’t remember. If you have a death wish, we advise you to ride in a car with him. He's a gifted speed demon who missed his calling in NASCAR!

Scotty’s responsibilities include melting hearts with his vocal chords, pelvic thrusting and making sure his "guyliner" game is on point!

His only musical background came in the form of a 12-1/2 peso guitar lesson that he failed, yet he still walked out as a top tier vocalist. Huh? This ex body double for Vince Neil can be found pounding vodka front and center, ready to rock the masses like a hurricane!

Scotty was nominated and won the 2016 RAMI Award for "Best Male Vocalist" by the Rockford Area Music Industry Association. 


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